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Drones And UAVs

Drones And UAVs

Drones are also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems. UAVs are flying robots that can be controlled remotely or that fly autonomously when embedded with software-controlled flight plans and global positioning systems (GPS). The military is the most common user of UAVs.

UAV is a tactical system employed by the military, border control and homeland security agencies to conduct aerial surveillance, reconnaissance, and situational awareness activities. In addition to conventional still and video cameras, UAVs can include thermal imaging and infrared cameras to provide day and night vision capabilities. A line-of-sight communication link is used to control and monitor these UAVs and drones from ground stations. The cameras onboard the UAV are also receiving images being recorded by the cameras onboard. According to the operational plan and prevailing conditions, operators at the ground control station can alter the flight path of the drone. UAVs and military drones are modern equipment used to gather surveillance, security, and intelligence at all stages of operation when a communication link has failed. In addition, in the event of communication failure, the drones can follow a pre-programmed route based on waypoints using GPS technology.

Based on the situation at hand, the flight operators at the ground station can fully control the payload onboard the UAV or drone. UAVs and drones can perform other activities like communication jamming, real-time reconnaissance, monitoring of areas affected by natural calamities for launching of disaster relief operations using specially designed payloads. UAV and Military Drones can perform other functions like intelligence gathering, border patrols, and real-time reconnaissance.

Depending on the specific requirements, operations conditions and applications, Darsh Aerospace provides fixed wing and rotary wing UAVs & Drones to the military, homeland security, border control and other government agencies. The Darsh Aerospace promises this personal support during the UAVs operational lifecycle, including training of operators and maintenance.

To produce high accuracy survey outputs, we rely on advanced photogrammetry software and exclusive workflows performed by our team of photogrammetrists, geomatics surveyors, BIM modelers and CAD technicians.

We provide nano to large drones for all types of civil and defense applications like surveillance, payload carrying, security, survey and mapping, inspections of solar panels/ factory chimneys and the like, mining, precise and efficient spray of agriculture pesticides. Our software solutions can provide tailor made solutions for survey and mapping of designated areas and production of 2 D /3 D models, DEM, ortho, contour maps in a variety of formats, soil testing, crop health and anticipated produce etc. Our drones are the best in their class and are extremely reliable and durable. They are IP 68 water resistant, dust and corrosion free ensuring a high-performance. They are fully automated, BVLOS and provide real time situational awareness to multiple users. The drones are equipped with state-of-art technology equipment. The drones can be customized for range / endurance / height of operations / payload capacities / camera features etc. to meet the user’s requirements.