Darsh Aerospace

About Us

Darsh Aerospace Private Limited is situated in India's capital city of New Delhi. It is manufacturer/ supplier/ provider of a variety of innovative & cost-effective products and services to the armed & paramilitary forces and intelligence across the world.

The company provides an array of products and services across different domains which include radar systems, satellite-based surveillance solutions, missile warning systems, ground-based air defence systems, identification friend or foe (IFF) systems, electro-optical imaging sensors, C4ISR products and software. We also provide nano to large drones for all types of civil and defense applications like surveillance, payload carrying and armed drone solutions as well. We also provide efficient spraying agriculture drones. Our software solutions can provide tailor made solutions for survey and mapping of designated areas and production of 2-D /3-D models. We also deal in all types of bullet proof equipment, sale and leasing of small aircraft and helicopters, all types of sights and scopes, space and satellite solutions, modern boats/yachts/ sea planes and critical wound care and resuscitation. Whether it's UAVs or satellites, we offer launch services and on-orbit servicing to commercial and government customers.

Darsh Aerospace has an exclusive tie up for proven intelligence and electronic warfare technologies from the United States and the United Kingdom, along with systems expertise and services, to provide the most appropriate solutions for our nation-states around the world.

Darsh Aerospace has developed numerous products to address the needs of Defence forces and Intelligence organizations in the field of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). We develop passive monitoring solutions for satellite, submarine, and cellular communication systems using fully integrated sensors with advanced signal processing capabilities. Providing integrated decryption capabilities for respective solutions is a vital component that makes Darsh Aerospace a top choice for discerning customers from more than seventy countries in search of ISR solutions. Another major aspect in the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) domain is the ability to integrate information gathered from numerous sensors and then be able to correlate them to provide a capability to link targets and information for better assimilation of information.

As a key means of helping customers gain strategic intelligence over their adversaries, Darsh Aerospace is focused on developing monitoring solutions for long range communication media such as satellite communication. To meet our customers' needs, we design, manufacture, and integrate a wide range of air traffic management and terrestrial communications solutions.

Our Vision

Darsh Aerospace is a young, vibrant start-up with a vision of becoming India's most successful company in the defence industry, providing world class products and services to all our customers. We will ensure that the latest cutting-edge technologies are made available in India aligned with the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt the status quo by eliminating red tape. Setup manufacturing facility for varied defence and aerospace and establish aviation MRO facilities in India with collaboration with global players.

Business Ethics

Our policy is to maintain highest level of professional and ethical conduct. Honesty, integrity, and transparency shall be our guiding principles. To be successful as a company, we need talented people with the right skills and expertise who can work together closely. To cultivate positive and productive business relationships, we value diversity and believe that respecting colleagues, customers, partners, and everyone we interact with is essential.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that being trustworthy and displaying a ‘positive attitude’ holds the key to success. We firmly believe in the saying “You do not build a business. You build people and then people build business”. It’s the people therefore, both employees and customers that we really take care of in our dealings. Despite adversity, our company is anchored in a sense of discipline that allows us to discern good from bad. The Darsh Aerospace team and individuals adhere to this business ethics sense in determining when actions are moral or immoral, right-, or wrong. Darsh Aerospace maintains an ethical and professional conduct in all its business dealings, utilizing the highest standards of honesty and integrity throughout.